New England-Style Ice Cream

Small Batch Ice Cream at Wicked Awesome

Ice Cream Emporium, offering New England-style ice cream to everyone living in and visiting Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Experience dense, chewy goodness in every bite of this delectable treat!

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New England Treat Trivia

  • Do you know the difference between a milk shake, frappe, and a cabinet?
  • Are Jimmies and Sprinkles the same?
  • Why do they call soft serve in Vermont a Creemee?

Come in and see us for the answers!

A “Wicked” Fun Fact

The word wicked may seem like a term associated with witches and sorcery, owing to many pieces of literature that use it this way. However, “wicked” in New England is used as an adverb for something extreme or impressive. Our ice cream is precisely that: extremely good and impressively tasty!

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